2011. június 29., szerda

The Ceremony

She watched the monochrome sunset unfurl.
She'd hever seen such beauty before: she
Showed white pearl teeth and let
Her hands fall--petals of tired bloom.
And sullen men in white arrived.
The plug-pulled basin of her existence,
The diamond chain that bound her wrists
Gave way to a silent mighty touch, a kiss.

Gentle winds arose and made her rigid marble body dance,
Limber again: a lush white doe against the deep dark green
Of sleep. While a ceremony fantastique commenced
On the blackened stage of spleen.

Owls and foxes sang a mournful song
Around the hollowed trunk of tree
Horizontal and momentous:
Black against the white of snow.
And stars hid their thousand eyes and serenading angels
Marched back home, along blackened streams
Of gore in the sky, golden-winged, sorrow-framed:
Back to the dead of dreams.

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